Datebook on the Way The End of Tinder

Datebook on the Way The End of Tinder

Datebook is an irony but Facebook will offer a date application soon we do not know exact name and how it is going to work but it is going to bu great.

Lots of users says it will be useles while we have Tinder. They have a point but there is a users factor all of Facebook user will be able to connect new date app just by one click but Tinder needs to be downloaded and signing up.

Facebook has about 2 billion users that is why whether they produce a good or a bad application it will be usefull for someone.

The ptontial of people stalking other people on Facebook and Instagram is high enough with the date app stalk rate will increase we guess.

The app will rank people and at the top of the list there will be most desirable users but the other ones will be able to rise in the rank.

The date app will not only rank people by their look but also there will be other circumstances.

Basicly there will be a rank and even like you got for your posts will increase your ranking.

At this point users have 2 options for Datebook;

1- Agreeing their rank and hang on there with the low chance

2- Increase the rank and get what they want

If you want to increase your rank you have to follow some rules and get shares, likes and comments also.

Preparing a good post may be is not easy but definitely is not difficult, so if you follow the instructions you will easily increse your rank and be happy in the Datebook. Here is the instructions:

  1. You should post at least 5 times a week so your fans always see your posts.
  2. According to your country you should find the correct time to share posts and follow that time zone.
  3. Think about your posts is it worth to share or not.
  4. Your post should make people happy . Some users wants to have people attention by using violance or sadness but the right one is entertain.
  5. The content should be educational, people loves to learn easily.
  6. Users love and share content with list.
  7. Use seasons. In winter a nice cup of coffee and snow will be good photo.

If you follow those instructions above most probably you will increase your rank .

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