How You Should Use Facebook Ads to Develop Video Views

How You Should Use Facebook Ads to Develop Video Views

Facebook Ads are great assistant to improve your business but you should optimize ads and improve you video views.

Have you ever asked the question how can I increase my ads performance?

Before answering this question we need you to inform about Facebook Ads.

There are several reasons why your Facebook campaign could have bad parformance:

1-Poor Targeted Audience

2-Wrong Bidding Method


4-Ad Fatique and so on…

You should check these 4 reason abve and find best choices for your company and follow our instructions.

Today we are going to talk about first 4 steps that will teach you better advertising on Facebbok.

A Quick Analysis for Facebook Ads

Analysis is the key, you should find problems at the time and fix it if there is any problem.

This analysis will also inform you about your hole projects. You may want to change your targeted group and location.

Optimize ads Frequncy

Ad Fatique is a stuation that how much increse ads cost when same ads shown the same post.

Generally there are 9 steps about ad fatique and for instance you choose, the will increase while ad fatique increase.

Facebook Ads

Check Campaign History

This step will teach you lots of tricks about advertisind just by checking your advertisement history you can learn who care the product or service, people from where seen your ads and more information will come from ads history.

Specify your Post Time

You can check posting time for best engagements you have got and post new content at that time or there is another scientific way that you can apply.

All you need to do is just search best time for your followers, Do not forget you should post according to your followers or potential followers time zone not where live you are.

Tomorrov we will publish the second part of Facebook Ads tactis. For more information please comment from below.

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