Facebook Advertisement and Sponsored Content Ideas

Facebook Advertisement and Sponsored Content Ideas

Facebook Advertisement is one of the most popular ads area. There are 2 billion users wait for see your ads this is enourmous number.

Facebook shows these ads to users according to their public information.

Facebook Advertisement and Sponsored Ads

It is because of your search history that could not be private. You must experienced this before, you search for something and see its ads on Facebook, it is because of those information sahered with analytics tools.

While you surf on the Internet or in the mobile apps your search history sended to Google as categorized and Google let those users see advertisements that appropriate with his search history.

This is very effective way because users always see what s/he was and in time the sales happen.

There is another advantage of this type of advertisement; users friendly ads, this kind of ads  consist of users insterest and it turns to a post from ads.

according to research on the online shopping people ignore some ads that does not compatible with users interests.

Another Way of Facebook Advertisement: Viral Ads

This is may be best ads ideas ever given it is depend on the idea that when people loves something you could put any kind of ads in it.

Generally these ads shows on Tvs Internet and also Facebook so you could see it in everywhere but never get bored and try to watch it again and again.

Sometimes someone or something already known plays at viral ads the most known of this ads is the one that Chuvk norris play. You can watch it below

As you can see there is a product and its feature and then you can make advertisement if you have a good idea too.

you do not have to hire celebrities but you need to have a great ads idea another video below shows us the idea is important than  hero.

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