Facebook Messenger Translate Options Now on Live
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Facebook relase another great update to our lives, from now on Facebook Messenger Translate option will be our best assistant and break the language seeling.

It is just available for English and Spanish for now but in the near futura it will be available for all languages on the world.

When messenger detect that you are using English or Spanish the will offer you to translate option

If you tap on the yes you will be able to see both your translation and your original text in the same screen.

Best part of it other side of chat will not be know that your are using translate.

Facebook wants to dominate all communication application and if they achieve this translte update Messenger will be new king of messaging.

Facebook Messenger Translate Work Logic

Messenger will offer you whather you want to translate or not if you use Spanish or English.

This offer will automatically will delivered to users.

All you need to do using supported language which English and Spanish for that moment.

But in the short time Messenger will support more language and help more people.

Facebook Messenger Translate is now available just for USA and Mexico after testing process it will be able to use all around the world.

Facebook will name this new technology as M Translation as far as we heard, but there is no exact name for this feature.

Facebook Messenger Translate

There will be a M Suggestion feature also which suggest you what could say, this is not as big as translation itself but it is a good way to developed messaging application.

With this new update you can have thousands of followers and friends on Facebook and no need to the learning a language.

There is video below to get more information about this new update.

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