How to Turn off Facebook Posts Comments

How to Turn off Facebook Posts Comments

Facebook Post Comments Turning Off

Facebook is the biggest social media sites and looks like it is not going to loose this kingdom, sometimes we do not want to our close friends or relatives comments on our posts or sometimes we just post something and wants no comments it does not matter why do we want no comments the process is the same.

If you want to turn off comments on your post just prepare post as normally and than click on the setting buttun (…) it is at the top right corner, there will be some options and you will choose turn off commenting on this post this is it! you have done it no one can comment on your specific post anymore.

This method is work for single posts you can not use it for the hole your posts.

Also you can hide your post from your friends and let someone can see it fir this options you should prepare your post as normally and before sending at the top left corner you will see a buttun that describes who will see this post you can choose everyone, friends, friends but these people and see more.

Choose the best option for that post and click to send button.

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