Facebook Updated for Children No Gun Ads

Facebook Updated for Children No Gun Ads

Facebook Updated its advertisement policy and limited gunss ads, with new update children will not see any kind of gun ads.

Facebook Updated for Children

The company always tries to be ethical and legal for everyone but mostly it cannot achieve this purpose, now Facebook will not let gun companies show their ads to children.

Updating will be complete tomorrov not only guns but also guns part ads also will not be shown.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team decided this update after increasing attacks to schools.

Facebook is not guilty directly but it has effect on people and appearently it does not want to have this kind of effect.

There are lots of rules about limiting guns sales on Facebook but somehow they are able to advertise their products.

Facebook Updated for children

Facebook Updated Policy

According to policy ads should not promote the sale or use of wapons, accessorize or modification service.

Example of Action that is not Problem for Facebook

*Blogs or groups connecting people with weapon-related interests, as long as the service does not lead to the sale og these prodects.

*Safety courses for firefarm training or licenses, and videos or books about firearm safety.

*Plastic guns, sword and toy weapons.

*Mounted flashlight for firearms ( but these kind of ad must set as not appropriate for under 18)

*Hunting, self-defense, and military clothing and gear such as shooting targets and clay throwers. (+18)

*Holsters and belt accessories (+18)

*Gun safes, mounts (including bipods), gun cases, and slings (+18)

*Equipment and protectiveclothing (including vests) (+18)

*Paint coating or wraps for weapons and magazines (+18)

Here there are Examples of ads that not Appropriate

*Firearms, including firearms parts, ammunition, paintball guns and bb guns.

*Firearm silencers or suppressors.

*Weapons of any kind, including pepper sprey, non-culinary knives/blades/spears, tasers, nunhucks, batons, or weapons intended for self-defense.

*Fireworks and explosives.

*Ads promoting the brandishing of firearms.

As you can see the rules are very clear and easy to do it but we have try tp break this on Instagram and it did not work! most of posts that about weapons did not banned.

We hope Facebook will ban any kind of violence ads as soon as they can.

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