Facebook’s Ai will Recreate Your Photos

Facebook’s Ai will Recreate Your Photos

Facebook’s Ai Provides Perfect Photos

Facebook’s Ai will recreate your photos that you do not want to share because of something you do not like on thap photo or poze.

For instance if your eyes closed in one of your photo the ai will recreate the photo that you eyes open and it gives great photos.

In the picture below three are some people take a photo while their eyes are closed, Facebook’s Ai change the photos and make all make ups that you can not even realize that it has been changed.

Facebook's Ai









But the Ai is new technology in our life it could not do some thing properly in time we can have perfect results.

Ai will used in news feed and other technology but photo editör options is the best option to show people and  Facebook pass this test.

Facebook try to developed it interface after losing a huge number of users this was a disaster not only for Facebook but also for  account that have lots of followers.

Lots of Facebook page lose their attraction because of they lose their followers, but Facebook says they will promote this kind of accounts.

Until that time Facebook says keep sharing and be active in Facebook do not give up your followers will come back.

Because of Facebook lose its popularity Instagram and YouTube has rised, buy yhat does not means Facebook losed.

Even loosing millions of users with Cambridge Analytica leak Facebook still the biggest social media in the world and also most developed one.

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Facebook still one of the best places to advertise something in the Internet. All new technologies used in Facebook and then other social media starts to use it.

As all companies Facebook does not make all new technology it is impossible some times they copy some technologies and the most known one is Snapchat.

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