IGTV Channel as a New Player in Digital Marketing
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IGTV Channel is on live for a while a actually did not get what everyone was expect, but still IGTV doing its priorities and this is great.

IGTV Channel Growing up Quickly

You will need an Instagram update or a new phone to use IGTV app but we try both and decided to there is no sensible point about download an extra files.

After opening the Instagram app you will see IGTV icon.

Tap on that icon and all you need to do having a video to share that is it.
Soon users will be able to do all this things on the web page of Instagram.

IGTV is not able to record video directly, unfortunatelly it can not record indirectly soo I let her go.

You have to record your video via your phoneor anyway and than uplodad to IGTV.

Whenever you take o video you will be able to upload that video to the IGTV.

You can edit title, description and cover photos.

When relying on a mobile device, video titles and descriptions can’t be edited after posting.

Be cautious of typos and ensure all information you want to share is included before you post.

Titles and descriptions can be edited via the desktop site if needed.

IGTV Channel

Since Instagram is rising and IGTV let you upload long video you can make your own advertisement own your own.

It is very important to upoad video vertically so there will be no blank and you will ıffer a high quality video.

There is another keypoint that you pots video to IGTV regularly not every minutes or not once a month find out your best frequency and post it.

You can add clickable link in your videos’ descriptions, these links will be key of your call action.

There is another video to inform you about IGTV it is great video to get informed about IGTV.

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