Instagram Music Stickers Change Everything About Stories

Instagram Music Stickers Change Everything About Stories

Instagram Music Stickers on Live

Instagram do not stopping! Almost everymonth a new feature is greeting us and the last feature is Instagram Music Stickers which users will love it.

This new feature let you add a music into your Instagram story. There is a huge library of music stickers and you can pick one of them in the thousands of music tracks.

Music stickers update available on Android and iOS devices but only on selected countries.

400 millions of users use Instagram stoires everyday and there will be enormous sharing of music most users can not wait for the new update and get this feature in their country also.

How to Add Instagram Music Stickers

Instagram Music Stickers

To add music stickers into your story you have to download the latest update of Instagram version.

To be sure about you have downloaded the şates update you can go to stories and tap on the stickers in the stories, if you see a music stickers after taking a photo or video it means you have the latest version of Instagram and you can use it.

After tapping the music stickers you will find a search box the contain thousands of music, if you do not want search the exact musis there is popular, moods and genres pages that you can choose a music quickly.

You can play the music before sharing as a preview listening, if you love the music then you can share with you followers.

There will be also a menu of the playing music that your followers will be able to listen a part of the music again and again.

Countries Instagram Music Available

Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and the US are the lucky countries that have the update.

There is no exact information about when other countries can have this update but Instagram work hardly these days we are sure about the new update will be able to downloaded by every users in every country.

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