Instagram Video Call Available with all its Feature

Instagram Video Call Available with all its Feature

Instagram Video Call coming is not a surprise but again almost everyone get exited and tries to take a chance to use video calling.

With IGTV and video call features we can easily say that Instagram totally killed Snapchat, but Instagram wants to beat YouTube.

One of most amazing Instagram video calling is that you can have video calling with 3 prople just like Google Hanh outs.

After lots of new feature and increasing users more than 1 billion Instagram totaly dominate aitpplication world.

When Facebook buy Instagram its cost was 1 billion Dolar but now Instagram already pass 100 billion Dolar.

Instagram Video Call

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4 Way Instagram Video Call

Instagram let users minimize the calling screen and surfing in the Instagram.

You can call anyone who you can send direct message but in the some circumstances like if you muted by a user you will not be able to call him.

But will all this feature be anought to say Instagram video call is best? Definitely it is not!

Here is some application that let you having video call much more before Instagram do it.

  • Instagram – 4-way plus simultaneous browsing
  • Snapchat – 16-way
  • FaceTime – 32-way
  • Houseparty – 8-way per room with limitless parallel rooms
  • Facebook Messenger – 6-way with up to 50 people listening via audio

As you can see Instagram not even better than Snapchat Snapchat lets you having video call in a room that contined 16 people.

Facetime is available only on iOS, Facebook lose its popularity and Whatsapp not even in the our list.

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As Snapchat lose most of its users video calling make Instagram much more ahead of its opponent.

You can also use filters while video calling and make calls more fun.

IF you ever try Instagram video call please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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