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Messenger Story Survey comes from 2 different applications. Snapchat added the story feature to our life and survey is a feature that has developed for Instagram.

Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg wants all the features to take part in Facebook.

Yesterday we have talked about Instagram video call which already provided by messenger. Today Messenger will start to put polls in stories which are already taken from Instagram.

Facebook is growing uncontrollable and dominates the social media world. Yet, we are sure that users will love messenger story polls and use them.

Instagram polling stickers are almost everyone’s favorite stickers and now we are going to be able to see this sticker in Messenger stories.

The logic is the same as on Instagram, to see the results you will swipe up in the story screen.

As on Instagram, you will be able to see who is voting and their answers.

This survey sticker is one of the best engagement tools ever that you shouldn’t miss.

Messenger Story Survey

These stickers will tell you your followers’ ideas which are very important for you and for your business also.

Messenger Story Survey and Transforming of Facebook

Most social media experts thought that in the near future we will see more stories instead of shared posts in the news feed.

But almost all users thought that this will kill Facebook and it is not suitable for its audience.

In fact, Facebook will not lose its effect on social media whatever it does. After new updates and tries to compete with YouTube, Facebook became more humancentric and we have to accept that.

Facebook was the pioneer of most of the innovation and most probably we will meet inter-application relevancy.


We have covered what the Messenger story survey is. It is a feature that is taken from other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. However, these features are getting quite popular. That is why it is important to include such features in Facebook as well.

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