Youtube Guide for Beginners from Beginning to Upload Video
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Youtube in our life since 2005 it make an enormous expand that today we wil talk about Youtube Guide, this article is for beginners and surely will be helpful for everyone.

Before starting we want to talk about Youtube’s statistics here is some:

  • People upload more than 1 hour video to Youtube each and every seconds. Can you believe that it iz amazing.
  • Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.
  • 95 percent of most watched videos are consist of music videos.
  • “how to” word search growing 70 percent according to last year
  • The first video reach more than 1 million views is Nike’s and Ronaldinho’s video .
  • More than half of Youtube views come from mobile devices.

There are lots of amazing statistics but those will be enough.

Youtube Guide

Youtube Guide and some Tricks

Because of the statistics above million of people wants to become publisher and they need a right guide here we meet this need.

As almost all of other social networks you have to sign up and then starting Youtube publishing.

Today almost everyone has a Gmail accounts and Youtube wants to sign up or sign in with Gmail.

It is so easy to getting started in Youtube.

After creating and account you have to creat a channel for your publishing.

After create your channel you are ready to upload your edited and ready videos.

You can mark your videos as private (only you) or public (everyone).

Analytics tools will show you your videos views likes, dislikes and sharing according to the accounts owner type, country, gender and age.

you can subscribe a channel and promote them.

But do not subscribe channel to promote them browse keywords belongs to videos that you want to watch thus your favorite videos will be promoted.

There are two important time interval about uploading video.

Before uploading: you have to research for your keywords and the theme optimizing video and other information is very iƶportant for new channels.

After uploading: you have to handle with comments and do not get andgry about bad comments on your videos. If you believe that someone spamming on your videos you can block them which they can not see you videos and comments on them.

There is very important class of Youtube about content creating you should follow all of them.

There is a special offer for you if you want to get instant subscriber and likes for your Youtube Channel

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