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Frequently Asked Questions

Is any kind of shopping (Facebook likes, comments, videos views and etc…) from this site is secure and legal?
Does any kind of purchase effect (suspended, removed and blocked) may Facebook account?
Are you going to ask my password?
What kind of information should I share with you?
Is your company provide real Facebook followers?
Is there any probability that likes and comments you have sent me taken back?
If there is any kind of problem that does not work for what process you will follow?
Should I likes them back when I buy likes?
Are you going to need my account information like password?
Why should I have to be have a public account buy likes and comments?
What happen if I accidentally do not set my Account as public and order?
What happen if I accidentally set my account to private after payment or while having some likes?
What kind of payment are you going to accept?
What kind of credit cards are acceptable for your system?
Am I going to be able to pay with my credit or debit card even I do not have Pay-pal account?
What is your policy about refund?
What happen if I do not like the service that I get, is it possible to delete your service and refund me?
How much time do I spend to get my likes and comments that I ordered?
I order for Facebook likes/comments/videos views but I did not receive a conformation e-mail what happen?
I want to contact with you how can I?
It has been a few hours after ordered Facebook likes/comments/videos views but still I did not get any of them what happen?
Is it worth to pay money to get Facebook likes/comments/videos views?
What is
Why Should I buy from you?
IS there any sensible reason to buy likes or comments?
Can I receive automatic likes and comment form y new post?
From where you supply these likes and comments?
If you compare yourself with your biggest competitors which company would be better?
Is it going to be any discount or refund you will offer, if yes when and how could I use it?
I have just finished my order what is next step?
Am I going to be popular on Facebook?
Are the followers going to like and comments to my photos?
What kind of services do you offer?
Is there any kind of Facebook account that you do not work with it?
After first order and payment am I going to be need to pay you monthly or it is monthly-free?
What should I do after ordering?
If I have problem what could I do and whom am I going to contact with him/her?
Are you going to supply customer care service after order or is it only until order?
I did not find my question how could I get in touch with you?