Buy cheap facebook likes faq

All purchase from are legal and protected fully secure it also fully appropriate to Facebook policies. We have never experienced any problem but our company guarantee you in any kind of problem we will compensate you dissatisfaction.

As we answered in first question our company and service completely legal and safe and also appropriate with Facebook policies so you will not have any kind of problem.

You do not have to worry about that after ordering our system will check your profile and if it is not set as public you will get an e-mail that you should set the account as public after you set it as public the system will send you the order.

You do not have to worry about this situation too, for this kind of problems our system work as fast as it can be and even besides this fast you did not get your followers the system will send you the rest of your order.

The payment accept by PayPal or credit/debit card linked to it.

All credit/debit cards that accept by PayPal such as; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express are accepted by our system.

That will not be problem you can pay with credit/debit card that do not linked to PayPal. Go to payment and click on the pay by PayPal and then click on the pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later option.

You have refund right only if we do not provide you your service in 12 hours

If the service providing do not start yet you can cancel it and get your refund but if the order started to send already it is impossible to refund.

Normally it takes less than 30 or 50 minutes. But it may take up to 6 or 8 hours sometimes, if you do not get your order in 12 hours you will get your refund.

You should check your spam box, if you do not find the mail you could check other e-mails services that connected to the PayPal if the problem do not solved you could contact with us

You can visit out contact page or click on this link:

No, privacy and protection are the most important principle so we will never ever ask you your password.

You should check your account is private or public if it is public do not worry our system will send you your order, but if it is not public you should set it as public and inform us.

It definitely worth each and every penny you will pay imagine that you make a huge profit from your Facebook business account that you buy followers. You will earn may be 100 times of that investments

We are a highly respected and trusted company specializing in social marketing. Many of our competitors offer faux promotions that do not even compare to our quality and prices. Even those who come slightly close to our quality and service, charge much, much more! is dedicated to the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of the people that are most important to the success of our organization: you, our customers! We offer a 24/7 live support team able to provide solutions or help you with troubleshooting issues via email.

Our high quality followers/likes can provide you with the necessary numbers to ensure you get the kind of following/popularity you’ve always desired. We have even created customized packages for our different types of clients, individuals, companies and corporations, to make sure that you can benefit from our services

Yes it is possible Get instant likes to new uploads by clicking this link: Auto-like Order.

With followers numbering over 2 million and providing services for more than 300 accounts, we are able to send our followers high quality accounts among our followers. It has taken many years of trial and error to produce our personal brand of marketing at an unbeatable price, but we have perfected the source from which we can pull followers in addition to employing a highly qualified team of marketing experts versed in the latest Facebook techniques

Without any doubt we can we provide a service that deserve your attention we are here and ready 7/24 four your service

We can lower the prices as much as we can for everyone’s budget so there is no discount but under certain conditions we refund your money.

It depends of size of order from 30 minutes up to 6 hours and then you can enjoy with your order

We will just need your Facebook username and no more after payment you will get your followers and likes

You will be more popular than before but becoming the most popular is depend on you.

It is depend on your interaction with your new followers we cannot guarantee that all new followers going to like your photos

We provide great service and customer satisfaction for more service you can check services page

  • There are 3 type of accounts that we do not work with them
  • Profiles that include pornographic content
  • Accounts promoting/showing violence and/or hate content
  • Profiles that promote gambling

All of our services are onetime payment you will just pay after first order and it will be done for that order.

  • In order to be able to send your likes, your account must be public. Here's what you need to follow to make your profile public: settings> Public Post Filters and Tools> Public Profile Info> who can like or comment on your public profile pictures and other profile info? (Edit) > Public.
  • You do not have to do anything our experts will take care of with your order.

Our service is live and active 7/24 you can whenever you want e-mail us

Yes you will always be as our customer and get help whenever you want

• Please contact us via contact page

There are 2 type of followers we have provide

  • Real Followers: this group consist of real and active users maximum lose will be %5 but do not worry our company will compensate your loose immediately
  • Real Looking Followers: This group consist of real looking followers they will never unfollow you and if they unfollow you we will give you same amount of them back.

Normally it is not but in these situation our company provide you the loose at the same time

Our main purpose is customer satisfaction so we work day and night just for you but if there is any kind of problem we will try to fix it, in 12 hours you will get your money back if we have not fix it.

No after payment you do not have to anything we will send you your order and that is it, but you should keep posting new photo and videos to gain new followers and keep the old one as followers.

Definitely not! We will never ever ask you anything but your username.

Our system can reach only public account you can make it private after get your order.

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